Frequently asked questions

Yes, if suppliers are Parcel Supplier Members, they are paid for each consignment they send that follows our labelling procedures.
We define a 'consignment' as an individual item delivered to, or collected from, one of our PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points. We use the term 'consignment' rather than 'delivery' (or any other term) as we do not provide delivery services. Our Members can use any carrier they choose to deliver consignments to, or collect consignments from, our PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points.
We require Parcel Suppliers Members print a 4" x 6" (104 mm x 159 mm) label for consignments sent to our PickUp DropOff points on behalf of their customers. This is the same size as most standard shipping labels. If necessary, we can recommend and/or provide printing equipment.
We provide a PickUp DropOff point (PUDO) service only. We do not provide a delivery service to or from our PickUp DropOff points. Please refer to the Parcel Holders website to see how much your customers pay to use our PickUp DropOff point service.
We receive consignments from all major UK carriers. We do not know of any delivery company that will not deliver to our PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points.
Consignments must not exceed 2 m in length and must not exceed 10 kg in weight.
We expect the majority of consignments to be collected with 48 hours of delivery. We reserve the right to charge an extra fee for items held longer than 72 hours and to charge an extra fee every 48 hour after that. However, we do not automatically charge for consignments held longer than 72 hours as we appreciate that a consignment may arrive when an engineer is on holiday.
Details of all 'booked' 'processed', 'delivered' and 'collected' consignments are available in the Parcel Suppliers Members login area.
If a supplier has received a Purchase Order from a customer requesting goods be sent to one of our PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points (it will have an alpha/numeric label in the format XXXXX-XXXX 'dropped-in' to the shipping address), then the Supplier Member can send this consignment to one of our PUDOs without having a Parcel Suppliers account. However, the Supplier Member will not be paid for this delivery.
No and yes...

No - Using our 'drop-in' method is so simple that Parcel Holders clients regularly have consignments sent to our PUDOs without their suppliers realising they are dispatching consignments to our PickUp DropOff points. As long as the address details have been followed precisely (as stated on the Purchase Order / Sales Agreement) our PUDOs are able to offer a seamless solution to Parcel Holders clients. However, suppliers are not paid for consignments that are sent to our PUDOs using this 'drop-in' method.

Yes - In order to get paid - provide the highest level of service and supply chain transparency to customers - Parcel Supplier Members must print a dedicated label and provide delivery details. In return, customers can expect a similar, or greater, level of supply chain transparency than if they had dispatched to our PUDO points from their own warehouses.

Once a supplier has registered as a Parcel Suppliers Member they login to their Parcel Suppliers account. They then select "View service companies" and follow the onscreen instructions. Once their customer has accepted their invitation to join Parcel Holders, they will be able to select that Supplier Member as their Supplier company the next time they book a consignment.
Our system recognises when a Parcel Supplier Member invites an organisation with an existing Parcel Holders account.
No, there are no charges for opening a Parcel Holders account. Plus, all new Parcel Holders customers are offered a free trial. Once their free credit has been used up, they are charged on a 'pay as you go' basis. Please see the Parcel Holders website for details.
When one of your Parcel Holders customers has a consignment sent from a Parcel Supplier Member, we offer the Parcel Holders client the maximum discount on the consignment (as well as paying the Parcel Supplier member,) Furthermore, we provide them with information about when consignments have being processed and dispatched by our Parcel Supplier Member as well as delivered to and collected from our PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points.

Testimonials from our clients show that all are in agreement that the added speed in getting parts to engineers and the improved supply chain transparency not only helps them meet, and improve, SLAs (service level agreements) but also provides an higher overall level of service to their customers.

Yes. Our API has been integrated into an industry leading service company ERP - enterprise resource planning. We are keen to develop its functionality to address the needs of suppliers. Please get in contact with us for details.