Coffetek and Parcel Holders Unite To Replace Parts Under Warranty

Coffetek has partnered with Parcel Holders to introduce a new process for the return of faulty parts under warranty.

The replacement of parts is a challenge for the whole industry.’ Coffetek Sales Director, Ian Johnston 

‘In terms of warranty, the replacement of parts is a challenge for the whole industry’, Coffetek Sales Director Ian Johnston said. ‘Nobody wants to have to make arrangements for the return of a part that’s broken down. The service that Parcel Holders is providing will simplify the process, by making it much more efficient. As things stood, customers had to arrange for a courier, manage the administration at their end, and get it sent back to us so we could process it; whereas the Parcel Holders system takes all that administration away. It makes the whole procedure of replacing parts that are under warranty that much more efficient and hassle-free.’

Ian Johnston, Sales Director at Coffetek‘We appreciate that it’s important to get any faulty parts returned quickly and efficiently’, Parcel Holders’ Monika Douglas told PV. ‘Firstly, the system eliminates the possibility of people being charged for defective parts when they are under warranty but also, it ensures that manufacturers get the parts back quickly, so they can examine the fault and work to improve reliability.

‘With this system, there’s no need for parcels to be transferred from engineers to head offices, or for engineers to find couriers and arrange delivery notes, whilst on the road, for return shipments’, she explained.

It’s an open secret across the industry that the process of returning faulty parts is overly complicated and when it does fall down, it isn’t easy to assign accountability. Parcel Holders’ system will help Coffetek by bring simplicity and transparency to the whole returns process.

'Vending is like no other business.' 

Monika Douglas, Operations Manager at Parcel Holders

‘In many ways, vending is like no other business,' Parcel Holders MD Ed Fraser said. ‘If a machine is out of action for the lack of a spare part, it’s exactly the same as having a shop and being unable to open it. That’s bad news for the operator who loses sales as well as for the on-site Facilities Manager, because people come to rely on their vending machine and if it’s suddenly not working, guess who gets an earful? I’m delighted to be working with Coffetek in order to streamline the entire process and minimise machine downtime.’

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