Delivering Eternal Products

The Future’s Greener for Vending

Environmental initiatives in the vending sector are evolving at speed with green companies such as Parcel Holders taking up the green mantle and developing their services to specifically aid companies in improving their CO2 emissions and using audited methods to calculate savings. Providing local pick up, drop off points (PUDOs) for service and maintenance engineers, they ensure a faster parts collection than driving back to base. Less mileage means lower CO2 emissions and more jobs done in the day.

A low carbon company itself (2015 Vendies award for Best Environmental Initiative), Parcel Holders has built on its original green idea for engineers. Offering Warranty Returns through its PUDOs, provides an essential step in the growing trend for an ‘eternal product lifecycle’ that companies in many multiple industries are now taking advantage of. In other words, parts that can’t be fixed on site but still have life in them, are sent back to the manufacturer, repaired and sent back out again - less waste, more cost effective and another crucial step in helping vending lead the green revolution. 

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