Meet the Team

Find out about our customer services team, Mike Pope-Robbins and Jack Ellis...

You may be familiar with the voices of Mike and Jack - they’re the guys at the end of the Parcel Holders phones, training up PUDOs, chasing down deliveries or gently reminding engineers to pick their parts consignments up. In other words, they are the invaluable Parcel Holders Customer Services team - and at the heart of the business.

You might have talked about a parcel, a part or even the weather with one of these two likely lads but although it might not seem like it (to them anyway at times), they do have a life outside the office and their headphones! Our equally industrious marketing dept, decided to get to know them better with three simple but searching questions…

Marketing: ‘What do you like doing when you’re not at work?’

Mike: ‘My passion is cooking, I love making delicious but healthy stuff like stir-fries, curries, fruit smoothies… (Marketing: ‘Bring ‘em in, all of them, for us to sample.)

Mike prepares to whizz up one of his famous super-smoothies

Jack: ‘I have three main hobbies: They are playing football,.. watching football and talking about… you guessed it, football. I’ve been supporting Bristol City F.C. for years.’

‘Who is the person you’d most like to meet, alive or dead?’

Jack: ‘Leo Messi’ (Marketing: ‘Naturally.’) ‘He’s the best footballer in the world.’ (Marketing: ‘Of course he is.’)

Mike: ‘Steve Jobs, I reckon. For obvious reasons.’ (Marketing: ‘OK.’)

‘And where would you most like to go?’

Mike: ‘Hawaii.’

Jack: It’s got to be Iceland. In fact I’m going there in November. I can’t wait to take some photos there.‘ (Photography is another of Jack’s hobbies, way below football of course but another hobby, nonetheless.)

So, that’s Mike and Jack… more than just voices at the end of a phone - our dedicated customer services team.

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